Office of Maître Thierry Collard, Court Bailiff in Verviers.

Participation in the auction implies unconditional acceptance of the following terms of sale:

1. The highest bidder - last bidder - will be the successful bidder. He will be obliged to pay the hammer price of the lot in cash plus 25% for costs and VAT plus €1.50 per lot for administration costs (additional costs for live sales). Sales are subject to the particular regime of the margin, non-deductible VAT. The request for invoicing must be made at the latest before the fifth day of the week following the sale.

2. Each bidder is deemed to be acting on his own behalf and in his own name and is personally liable for the payment of the lots awarded to him in whatever capacity.

3. The information contained in catalogues, announcements, advertisements or any other written material from the Hôtel des ventes Legros must be considered as mere indications which do not in any way engage its responsibility. Buyers must ensure, at the time of the preliminary exhibition, the condition and nature of the objects presented at the auction.

4. As soon as a lot is awarded to a buyer, the risks pass to him and he is obliged to pay the price before it is collected. Payment shall be made in cash in euros, up to a maximum of € 3,000, by Bancontact card, credit card (only in the auction room, no remote payment). Lots cannot be collected during the sale. Buyers are required to pay for and take possession of the lots they have been awarded within 5 working days of the auction. The greatest care is taken with the auctioned items, but after the auction neither Legros Auction House nor any of its employees will be responsible for loss or damage.

5. In the event of a dispute or an error in the adjudication, the lot will be re-sold. The bailiff in charge of the auction will decide any dispute that may arise during the sale.

6. The buyer who so wishes may give purchase orders or participate in the auction by telephone. In this case, the purchaser must request this by e-mail or fax and provide all the information concerning him/her to the Hôtel des ventes Legros, which reserves the right to request his/her bank details. The Hôtel des ventes Legros cannot be held responsible for errors made by the buyer in indicating the number of the lot he/she wishes to purchase or the telephone number to call, nor for any problems with the telephone lines. In the case of equal bids, the bidder in the auction room always has priority over any other bidder.

7. The packaging and transport costs shall be borne by the purchaser and under his or her full responsibility. The purchaser expressly discharges Hôtel des ventes Legros from any damage that may occur to his purchase during transport.

8. In the event of a dispute, the courts of Verviers shall have exclusive jurisdiction.

9. Hôtel des ventes Legros undertakes to process the private data of its customers in accordance with the "General Data Protection Regulation" (RGPD).